June 21, 2009

"Top Gear Tornado!"

Well, what can be said except "wow"!

As some of you will know, I'm a covenator for the A1 Locomotive Trust - and I absolutely love their creation, Tornado. My late grandfather was a fervant supporter of the trust, but sadly died in 2001 long before the boiler was ordered, and she became a whole engine.

With the royal naming, the LNER gala at Barrow Hill, and now this - a wonderful hour of entertainment in a race to the north on BBC's Top Gear, this is all part and parcel of showing the world that Tornado means business.

Some say, that she once raced James May in a Jag, and that she blew bacon out of her chimney near the A1...all we know is...

...she's called Tornado!

Until next time, goodnight!

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