May 26, 2009

"Deltic's Director's Cut"

"Day of the Deltic" - Director's Cut

It is a few weeks after the silent night when Nigel disappeared, and all the engines are wondering about how and why it happened.

Gronk, the diesel shunter, is feeling guilty for his part in the affair, when a magnificent blue diesel arrives and starts causing trouble.

It is only after a heated argument with the steam engines, that the Deltic reveals Gronk's infamy...and the engines are shocked to the core.

Pulling an express, the Deltic fails, leaving Allen to take the train. Gronk removes the diesel and is interrogated by the engines. It is only with Stephen's timely intervention that Gronk is allowed to leave for the safety of Leeds Central...

...And Stephen issues a blunt warning to the other engines: "Our time has come".

The contents of these videos, including all text and photos (except where credited otherwise) are ©Simon Martin 2007-2010

Music Composed by Kevin Macloed.

N.B. Wait a little after the credits for a secretive scene...

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