May 17, 2009

"The Cathedral and the Jubilee"

A few locomotives have passed through the works recently while Part Three of The British Railway Series: Episode 15 has been worked on.

First up, 8009, St.Paul's Cathedral, the fictional ex-GWR Cathedral locomotive has been finished:

...and looks rather amazing, given its humble origins. This is the first entirely fictional locomotive I have built, and it probably won't be the last...!

We have a new Jubilee locomotive being repainted - its an older Bachmann split chassis model, not up to the standard of the recent release, but decent enough that it warranted a repaint into BR green as 45742 Connaught (and the late crest is a mistake - it needs a cycling lion emblem to be accurate).

It's progressing nicely and currently awaiting numberplates and tender transfers. It'll also be weathered. But not quite as weathered as this Dapol kit:

Which I have used as weathering practise for this:

...which going to look really realistic I hope, in the final part of Day of the Deltic.

Until next time!

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