June 20, 2012

"BRWS Wiki Leaks"

It's not often I have a chuckle all to myself, but reading the BRWS Wiki pages today, I was reminded of a few things I've said about the series on Youtube. The trouble with building up the series over five years is that you forget an awful lot of the things you've said that in hindsight, you wished you hadn't!

For example, the original team planning all those ridiculous sequel series when we hadn't even released one episode - with me as the spokesperson eagerly rabbiting away as to what engine classes we'd have...! Priceless.

However, I'm actually quite happy with what's been written on the Wiki. There's some inaccuracies, granted, but it's great to see and read people taking a genuine, eager interest in my work.

However I had to laugh out loud when I realized a mistake in The Last Run that I had not at any point noticed - saying that Jerry's funnel was covered in Stephen's final scenes...only to have completely forgot to model it!

I hope in the years to come, I can address some of the mistakes made in the original model series in the new format, but I will always look fondly on what will most likely be termed in the future "The Original British Railway Stories" signalling where it all began.

I hope, after the book is released, to be able to showcase some of the test footage I have created for the upcoming The British Railway Stories feature I am planning. The format is very different to that you'll be used to, but I can say with utmost certainty the new format is likely to delight fans of the original model series, and those looking for something more professional looking. It will also satisfy me more in its look, more closely matching the style that Dean has produced for the first book.

 Until next time!


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