October 21, 2010

"Trying new things"

One thing you must know about me. I absolutely, 100%, hate shopping. I hate browsing, I hate having to read signs, and hate queuing. I do all of this in a dignified silence, except when my beloved takes me clothes shopping, to which a howl of protests at every new shop we enter, arises!

But, I make exceptions for model shops. I found a place recently in Bexleyheath with an eccentric old chap behind the counter - nice enough fellow, and to my delight, stocked a whole load of paints, glues and fillers I thought were only available online. Rooting through the shop, it really is more for aircraft model kits, but he recommended I speak to his son about ordering some railway kits if I so chose to. I intend to go back and make an order in due course.

Which leads me onto my next dilemma. The kits I wanted (in bulk, mind), I have bought a couple of. They are the Dapol Presflo wagons, and I've found myself with absolutely no inclination to build them, now I've discovered the new Bachmann model RTR model.

Yet the price differences make the kit building enticing, to some extent. Yes, it's a load of man hours - but I reckon I could bulk-build batches of three wagons in a day, every day, for a week and I'd have enough to make a sizable few rakes for filming purposes (clue: Episode 18 and 19 of a certain Youtube series). The Bachmann model retails in and around £9. The Dapol kit retails for about £5. That £4 difference suddenly looks quite inviting when you've 20+ to build!

So in conclusion - this will be my first wagon kit, actually. Something new to try. As will my "shopping" stint next week in Watford. I can already hear the Missus calling me to check out another item of clothing...! ;)

Until next time!

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