October 10, 2010

"20,000 on Test"

It's been two weeks since I finished modifying the chassis of this fictional locomotive, and it's now clocked up well over 48 hours worth of running in. The Hornby model A4 it's derived from has a very impressive "ready to run" chassis in the first place. It's now running so well that I'm finding myself putting it on trains for the sheer whim. The rear bogie is now sprung on its sliding connection to the chassis - this has helped it enormously, going through points and over the single diamond crossing on the Copley Hill set.

The second tender is a bit of a whim for me, and won't be actually used for the competition. I just wanted to see if it was possible to make a convincing second tender - you can, certainly, but I reckon the roofline needs more work as it should be flatter. Overall it's not a bad start - just add buffers and a coupling to the standard railroad tender chassis, and make up a body from two tenders, and you're practically there. Next job is rivets on the roof, along with the drainage channels.

Only thing left now is to line it out, number it, varnish it, then one final sealing of purity spray (gamesworkshop range), and it'll be ready for the real competition - the exchange trials - in the spring.

Until next time!

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