May 03, 2010

"Crestfallen & Dissertation Nerves"

It's been a very tiring few months at the Copley Hill Works. Last few months of the degree are hopefully going to pay off, but I've been so busy that anything I've added to the Youtube account or to RMweb/SiF/PW/LNER forum have just been occasional updates and conversations.

I'm feeling a bit depressed at the moment - the BRWS Character Competition was a great high, and having sent the prizes out I expected the prize winners to send emails out confirming they'd received them. To date, I've only had one email, and it was prompted by me asking if it had arrived safely.

Another Youtuber has advised this is normal and not to worry about it. I'm not worrying per say, I just want to know if the prizes arrived alright.

I've also uploaded two "remastered" episodes, complete with annotations, which hopefully give some extra information as to the work which into the making of the series. Neither has done particularly well, and although some of the comments have been favourable, I am not sure I will now do another.

There's also been a few back and forths behind the scenes trying to sort things like the dissertation and other related essays out, and any time I had to devote to even this blog, have gone by the wayside.

I'm tired, burned out, and crestfallen. I can only hope when the next episode (17X) appears that it's received as favourably as Episode 17 was - the last six months have seen overall viewing figures drop, partly due to a lack of new episodes (like every hiatus I've had) but also in no small part due to a lack of really being able to go for it in terms of production values.

All in all, the Copley Hill Works hasn't been a happy place for quite a while now, here's hoping things pick up towards the summer months.

Until next time.

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