May 30, 2010

"Back to the Hill"

So, final essays well underway. Hand in on Tuesday. Free from the shackles of the English degree, after four long years. There's a slight irony that has not been lost on me - after twenty two years of loving my trains, whether it was a little blue tank engine, or a giant, apple green tornado, that my dissertation would involve trains was inevitable!

I am returning to the Copley Hill set within the next week, after tying up the loose ends in Loughborough. Filming for the scripted and storyboarded Episode 17X will commence straight away.

I've missed Copley Hill - my little film-set, train-set, call it what you will. It's been such a source of comfort to me through thick and thin. The engine characters will be turning in their last performances using the current faces - I have plans in store for overhauling that part of their performances completely, within the next month. Episode 18 is going to be the one to watch - another step up from the high of Fowler's Ghost, make no bones about it!

That, and I can finally get all of my models finished that I keep saying I will!

Until next time - see you when I'm back at Copley Hill.

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