April 11, 2009

"Thompson Blues"

The above picture is what 60113 Great Northen Looked like before I took her along for inspection one week.

In my haste to make an A1/1 I had made a right catalogue of errors, the running plate, smoke deflector size...etc etc.

Well, she's now in bits, awaiting rebuilding - the first step towards being made, good and proper, into an A1/1.

I'd like to thank Tony Gee for the gentle nudge in the right direction - Isinglass drawings! Which, surprisingly, showed that while it is very inaccurate in many ways, it does have a few things right - placement of banjo dome, and the length of the locomotive itself.

This model will define me as a modeller, it has been said, and I agree - it's not going back in its box until I manage to make something of it. It has the potential to be more than it is - and one day it will be an A1/1, fully fledged, built, like Thompson, from a Gresley A1.

I'll leave you with this picture for now - hopefully when I next update the Great Northern Saga, it'll be a complete engine, and finished.

Until next time!

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