April 02, 2009

"The Super (Claud) Build"

You may recall that I've been working on turning this:

...into its shorter cousin. Yes, this is a Hornby B12 model - and I have been trying to make it into a D16/3.

It all started like this...the model was taken apart, and the chassis modified:

The body had a chunk taken out of the boiler to make it scale length:

The body was then reattached using GamesWorkShop's green putty to cement it, and polysterene cemement to fix it in place. The rear wheel splashers would later be re-used from the chunk that was taken off the body earlier:

Then, the detailing of the body began: the outside steam pipes, not necessary for our inside cylindered 4-4-0, were cut away and filed down with a scapel and flat bladed file:

Which, after painting the tender, got the build to this stage:

The next job was making the chassis work. A new motor was sourced from a Bachmann Junior 0-6-0 locomotive (bought 2nd hand), and it was soon in place with the new cog fitted to the front driving wheels. When the model was originally a B12, it had been middle axle drive - now it would be front wheel drive. The chassis was modified further with a new axlebox for the rear wheels in a more accurate (but not perfectly accurate) position:

The model would be DCC - the junior diesel gutted was DCC fitted, and it would be a waste not to use it. The chip was not able to go in the loco due to lack of space, however it was fitted in the preferred slot - the tender (which had to have its "sound box" removed to fit the chip!)

The model then recieved a few other little mods: the smokebox door was modified to look more GER like - with the silver ring around the outside and no smokebox door straps - the body was then painted plain black.

Finally, the connecting rods (a little rough at this stage - made purely so that the model and its mechanism could be run in) were fitted, and cabside numbers applied. The model's new identity is 62536.

And just to compare, here is a Hornby B12 standing next to the "Bachby" D16:

Notice the difference in length of the boiler - though the real things did share many components or elements of design style, the D16/3 model is by no means perfect. The wheels are slightly undersize, the smokebox is not quite round (one of the hazards of using the Hornby model - as pointed out by an RMwebber, they are flat at the bottom to allow the chassis to fit).

The wires to the DCC chip are obtrusive, but I think if I fit a fall plate and paint the wires black, it may not be so noticeable:

And for the moment - until its smokebox numberplate is fitted, and the lining out is completed - that is that.

I'm quite proud of it - the fact that it works, and runs is good enough for me at present. I'm still very new to modelling - two years in! And I think, given my little experience with a soldering iron these last few months with the chip and motor, that I'd like to tackle a small brass kit of something next.

That's after the A1/1, the Cathedral and various other half-finished projects I need to do soon...and after all that filming and editing, of course.

Until next time - I'll leave you with this pic:

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