October 15, 2008

"Early Bird"...

A hint at things to come on Copley Hill...the locomotive in question is 60130 Kestrel, renumbered/named from a spare 60161, North British (of which there is another, and will be renumbered and renamed accordingly).

The smoke deflector will get a touch up of black paint this afternoon, when I return from a fencing match, and tomorrow (my day off!), I shall be picking up a few essentials for removing the numbers from the cabside to replace 60161 with 60130 - and thus, the transformation will be complete!

I have been experimenting with a track planner, and the early results are not bad if I say so myself! And once they have been finished, I will post up the first finished track plan for 56C - which is based on the plans of Copley Hill I found, in 1949, 51 and 56 - it is possible for maintenance and ease of operation's sake, that the final track plan will be an amalgation of the three original drawings.

More next time!

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