October 18, 2008

"60130, Kestrel"

Dedicated to my late grandfather, she was his favourite engine:

60130, Kestrel

Finished in ex-works condition, 60130 Kestrel is ready for her first run!

You may notice some changes that have been made to the A1 besides the numbers and nameplates - I wanted this engine to be completely ex-works, so the smokebox straps and dart have been picked out in "boltgun metal silver" (from the Games Workshop range), as have the buffers, and the reversing rod (which is my biggest complaint on the Bachmann A1, and the one least relevant to the model - which is still an absolute stunner). Numbers were done by the cocktail stick/nail varnish remover method and then sealed using a light cover of varnish (which, after some light weathering next week, won't show up so shiny, hopefully).

I've been pondering over my next renaming - Kestrel has been made as a tribute - perhaps an actual Copley Hill A1 should be my next locomotive. With that in mind, I plunged into my "bible" for Copley Hill - Great Northern Railway Engine Sheds, Vol.3.

There's a few choices: Sea Eagle, Abbotsford, Foxhunter, Bongrace, Alcazar and Kittiwake amongst them. Hence, I got these:

I think another blue Peppercorn A1 may appear sometime in the next month...I also have a green liveried one to renname and number too...

Until next time!


EDIT: Unbelieveably, I missed something in my reading - Kestrel WAS a Copley Hill engine - too late in life for my layout (1959-1963) - so my locomotive may be slightly out of time, but no less a 56C engine (but not a 37B engine!)

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