August 30, 2008

"Layout Plan Mark 1"

So here it is! Copley Hill Mark 1. Okay, it's not to scale, it hasn't got the sizes down (it's 9ft by 20ft the size I have to build it in, by the way), and it makes little or no sense that a train heading for the north east would suddenly about turn and go south west...and then north east again! but I have a plan, it involves using the carriage works as a suitable fiddle yard and storage facility (and hopefully, changeover facility too), and the yard itself is where all the action will be - locomotives moving back and forth, the turntable turning pacifics, tank engines shunting in the sidings...

Yes, it's a very rough draft. It is, however, a start, and I intend to gather as much advice and thoughts on it as possible amongst friends before the next draft.

Until next time - goodnight!

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