September 28, 2021

The End, and The Beginning: These are the stories we tell...

Major announcement:

From the end of September, The British Railway Stories Ltd will begin shutting down its operations: the Facebook page and the associated group will be closed down, the original website (this one) withdrawn, and Tale of the Unnamed Engine will be removed from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing sales.

I am however delighted to announce that The British Railway Stories will now be published from December 2021 by Strathwood Publishing Limited, with books 1 and 2 (Tale of the Unnamed Engine and Great Western Glory) available in new, revised hardback editions just before Christmas 2021.

Audiobooks and Kindle releases will follow shortly after for both books.

I have been asked to write more books in the series and these will appear in the next few years.

For these are the stories we tell…

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