March 18, 2016

"Gresley streamlined P2 - further updates"

Some time ago I started work on modifying one of Hornby's Railroad P2 locomotives into a streamlined variant. The identity of this engine has been picked, but it won't be immediately obvious which P2 it is.

Today I've been mostly concerned with adding handrails, the lubricators and generally tidying up the cuts made in the body shell to fit the A4 front end. It's nowhere near a patch on Graeme King's excellent P2 conversion (which you can find on the LNER forum) but it serves.

For anyone interested, I've used Bachmann V2 valve gear, virtually unmodified, using the same Hornby hexagonal screw to fit the valve gear on as is used on the normal Caprotti valve gear normally found on the base model.

As you may have guessed, my model will be wartime black once all of the modifications are done.

Until next time...

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Unknown said...

Looks good to my eyes Simon. A nice change really from all the Cock O' the North models that are knocking about.