July 15, 2014

"…Mallard, and a minor rant on buffers"

So I am aware I may be boring a large majority of you at present. For the last two years, the majority of my blog posts - when it comes to modelling anyway - has centred around the Gresley class A4 Pacific. In my defence, they are a large part of my future modelling plans and my test pieces I do now will provide valuable experience for when I go to do future models.

Case in point: I have decided beyond reasonable doubt that I severely dislike Hornby's front buffer apron piece. The actual buffer beam shanks are much more slender on the real thing in my opinion:

Bittern, masquerading as Dominion of New Zealand three years ago, showing the very thin buffer beam shanks.

Now look at the buffer beam shanks on my two A4s. There's no comparison: the Maygib products on the Great British Locomotives body shell is by far superior. A real pity as that's the one thing which really lets the Hornby Railroad and super detail models down in my view.

(And before anyone starts, yes I am aware of the difference in shade between the various photographs of the models and the real thing above. Wait until the models are weathered and then sealed with Johnson's Klear and then judge!)

Things still to do on no.e22 Mallard include adding lamp irons, cab spectacle etches, cylinder drain cocks, bucket seats, cab glazing, transfers on front of casing and stainless steel numerals on cabsides fitted.

Quite a list, but it does feel good to get off my backside and do some modelling, even if it's just a respray with some added details in this case.

Until next time.

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