January 01, 2014

"Happy New Year…"

Happy new year to all of our friends and associates, I hope the new year goes off with a bang and that 2014 is great for everyone.

Now is normally to the time to reflect, but to be frank, I've done enough of that in the last three months to know nothing is going to help.

Things have slowed down at BRWS Ltd quite considerably, and that was because I was working towards a mortgage with the then girlfriend, along with many other facets of a couple's life including the almost obligatory proposal and the ring to boot.

Unfortunately I didn't get the outcome I wanted, and things fell apart shortly afterwards, leading indirectly to a few bits and bobs in the rest of my life being put on hold whilst I tried to sort myself out.

However several of my friends HAVE got engaged over the new years, and I can say honestly that I am very happy for them, and wish them all the best.

So, 2013 is over, and a new year begins. I'm going to try very hard to be a better person, and make it a good one for friends and family.

Starting with writing a few new books, working hard at my job and continuing my new life with a renewed determination to succeed.

Until next time.

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