October 06, 2013

"Railroad Flying Scotsman - further conversion and tender builds"

So after what seems like an age, I've got my scalpel out and started work on the second of my Hornby Railroad Flying Scotsman conversions. Much like the last one (which became St.Simon, and pictures of which will be available as soon as it is dug out of the trunk) spare cylinders, bogie wheels and a few resin parts from Graeme King and my own moulds, and the Gresley A1 is well on its way to becoming an A3 Pacific.

Something different for the second build however: I have built up a lot of spare Hornby tender chassis for just such an eventuality that I would build some tenders up for the Pacifics I want. I was given a few of the older tender drive tops from a friend, and an idea formed after considering that I simply don't have enough of the Great Northern type eight wheel tenders.

The bodyshell itself is too wide, and slightly too tall, but it's a nice enough moulding. The idea is that I'd modify this first one to create a decent silicon mould for resin copies to be made. The relevant Isinglass drawing will be a purchase in the next week or so towards that aim.

You can that the moulded coal does the tender absolutely no favours either, to be frank. Here, like the last Railroad Scotsman, the cab sides are sanded back to create a false turn in, in addition to raising the corner up for its 1949 form.

On the locomotive body, I've repeated the addition of superheater headers, a new chimney and have started on one side replacing the washout plugs with the correct type (and in the right place) for an A3 Pacific using resin washout plugs. I suspect that etched alternatives will be a better bet and will have to do something about that in the near future too.

So in essence, we're getting there. I am thinking about removing the cylinders, and replacing it with the original black set, along with the bogie wheels so that this model can be of Robert the Devil, albeit in express passenger blue (a much easier livery to apply than apple green, to be fair).

Until next time, when hopefully I will have some news of the A4 Pacific Conversion etches - emails will be going out confirming orders soon. I won't be taking payments from anyone until I have the etches and have sorted out the orders thoroughly. It's being done a first come first served basis, however if we sell out of the kits very quickly I will of course look to do a few more.

Until next time.


David George said...

Looks an interesting project.

I never cease to be fascinated by the evolution of a standard model product into a refined/detailed and different locomotive class.


Anonymous said...

This is all bang up, jolly good work Mister Martin. However, I have one question: When will you make new videos, or put out a new book? I'm most likely the biggest fan of the series in the States, and I'm gearing up to put forth my own Youtube series. I still want to see new work from you though.

Please throw us fans a few bones of hope, so we aren't kept in so much suspense! Thank you for your time Mr. Martin.


- Nikolaus J.H. Bautista