April 01, 2013

"Thompson L1: brief catch up..."

I had completely forgot to finish reporting on my recent Thompson L1 renumbering and weathering exercise. The worksplates arrived, and together with some Johnson's Klear on the valve gear, have finished off the model nicely in my view. I'm much happier with it now as a result, though I feel I still have a ways to go with my weathering in general.

Until next time, sorry for the mini-update!


Anonymous said...

hi I read the blog regularly and have watched the series since the beginning. the L1 is looking fantastic, I bought one second hand but unused myself and have been as pleased with mine as you seem to be with yours the only problem being its missing its smokebox electric light. but im moving away from the point, I read a few posts back you were trimming your collection I was wondering what those items would be. also I have in my school a small business making printed items such as mugs and since reading the post about trimming the stock you may be less interested but you still may want to know. if you are interested is their an email address I can contact you on

Copley Hill said...

Hi Anonymous - just seen the other comment, apologies as I tend to publish all the comments in one go!

I am trimming the Pacific collection and have listed a few of my items on the BRWS Facebook group.

My contact email address can be found on the contact page of this blog.