January 08, 2013

"The Weathering Bench: Grubby Pacifics!"

King's Cross' lone Thompson A2/1, no.60508 Duke of Rothesay sits on shed with two of members of the class A1, pioneer no.60114 W.P. Allen, and no.60119. The latter is in an extremely grubby state, having recently been deployed to Haymarket to cover for a shopped Gresley Pacific.

I am really enjoying this weathering lark. I can consider 60508 officially "finished" with its weathering in place.

Unlike no.60119, where the aim of the game was to get it looking as utterly grubby as possible (more or less copying its form from Yeadon's Register!), I wanted 60508 to look as it did in a photograph found in an old Locomotives Illustrated. Grubby, but still mostly green and very much not decrepit!

Metalcote paint was wafted onto the locomotive with an airbrush after an initial covering with Johnson's Klear. This was removed with thinners until I had a look I was satisfied with, and T-Cut was used to bring out the shine.


The cab and tender were, however, left a little more grubby than the boiler. The photograph in Locomotives Illustrated shows an engine which has been slightly cleaned at the front end, but not very much at all the rear, remaining dusty but with a hint of green paint and lining out peering through.

Overall, I'm feeling happier about my modelling. It's not perfect, it's not going to win awards, but I'm happy.

And that's all that counts.

Until next time, when I hope to have fitted a few name boards...

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