December 13, 2012

"Going to print!"

Yes - we're finally doing a print run! It's a very limited print run mind, of 500 books, and quite a few of these have been pre-sold too. They will be made available for sale, worldwide, on the BRWS Ltd's eBay account in February, once they have been printed and bound.

The books are A5 size and number 112 pages inside. This is two pages shorter than the eBook, and edits have been made to squeeze the whole of the book in, AND some new material in the information section of the book.

The story has had a few subtle edits to captions, and grammar corrections throughout.

It is now the finished article, and in light of the book's new medium, Dean Walker (artist extraordinaire) finished a brand new front and back cover for the book, which you can see above. It is phenomenal!

The barcode contains our ISBN details, and where would we be without Which has stood us in such good stead for so long.

It's been a very hectic, at times exasperating, and other times triumphant 2012. Now we have the chance to make 2013 even better, with the first book going to print, and two more books being written as eBooks and then going to print later next year too.

2012 has been the year of the unnamed engine. 2013 will be the turn of industrial shunters, mean streaks and a storm brewing round the corner.

Until next time!

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