October 15, 2012

"The British Railway Stories & EG Media Team Up"

E-G Media and The British Railway Stories Ltd are delighted to reveal that from October 2012, all videos made by E-G Media will be published by The British Railway Stories Ltd on their YouTube Channel.

The popular Steam Locos in Profile series, made by Chris Eden-Green's E-G Media, will also debut on The British Railway Stories Ltd's YouTube channel during October.

This is a great opportunity for us both going forward”said Simon Martin of The British Railway Stories Ltd.

This will allow Chris to earn more revenue from his videos than he did before, and gives us an extra string to our bow”.

I am very excited to be working closer with Chris in the future and would like to welcome him aboard”.

The agreement signed by The British Railway Stories Ltd and E-G Media will see the London based limited company act as video publisher for all future projects made by E-G Media, intended for worldwide distribution on YouTube.

"This is an exciting time for EG Media" said Chris Eden-Green, "as it is a terrific opportunity for both of us to broaden our audiences”.

I can't thank Simon enough for this opportunity”.

The original uploads of E-G Media's major projects will be gradually removed as the new uploads on The British Railway Stories Ltd's channel become live.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. SLIP is an excellent series, very professional in writing and production. Needs to be on TV.

Chris said...

Two fantastic media companies coming together as one. Should be excellent! :)

Anonymous said...

i've seen your series on youtube since episode 1, and i'm glad you've made a book out of it. this needs to be on tv and i think this series can steal thomas's thunder.