September 10, 2012


The day after my 25th Birthday, and it's all gone a bit sombre! After a glorious weekend of sport, including the ending of the Paralmypic Games and a fantastic F1 race at Monza, the weather has gone from hot to cold and wet and grey almost immediately. Ah well - c'est la vie!

I am working hard on getting contracts signed, money paid, and books sold currently. If you can spread the word on our first eBook, Tale of the Unnamed Engine, that would be much appreciated. We've had a good start to the year with a decent number of eBooks sold, but we have to keep selling them if we want to keep making them!

So with that in mind, I look towards my 26th year on this planet with some confidence and determination to make it better than the last; not for myself, but for everyone around me.

Until next time,


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