August 03, 2012


We have reached our next milestone: 200 copies sold! We have been blessed with the support these last few weeks since the book's release, and hopefully it is all starting to pay off now.

Many thanks to everyone who have supported myself and Dean in our endeavours, and we will have some very exciting news for everyone soon I suspect...put it in the diaries, 15th September 2012!

Until next time!


Chris said...

Such a fantastic achievement, well deserved. Congratulations :)

SkarloeyRailway01 said...

Baby steps! ;) Soon it'll be over 20000!

Jamie said...

Congratulations on selling 200 copies of TOTUE!
Lemme just do some calculations...
200 X 5.17 = 1,034
So that's £1,034 you and Dean have made!!!
That DEFINATLY deserves TWO pats-in-the-back!
Carry on counting for that red-letter date you dream of dearly.

Copley Hill said...

Hi Jamie - not quite! Amazon take a 30% cut of that, and in that 70% some of which goes to the company, and whatever is left goes 60/40 between myself and Dean. So we've individually made a lot less than that. 3000 sales gives us a few grand each.