March 01, 2012

"Identity Change! 60028 Walter K. Whigham"

The deed is done! 60034 Lord Faringdon (the mistake of the last blog entry) has been swiftly changed back to single chimney form, and renamed and renumbered as 60028 Walter K. Whigham, thus filling another gap in my stocklist, and correcting the embarrassing mistake of last time!

All in an evening's work, and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Spare Hornby A4 chimney fitted, Gamesworkshop "green putty" and Humbrol Plastic Filler used to fix the smokebox, Archer's Rivets to reline any areas affected by the sanding down.

I then used Gamesworkshops Chaos Black acrylic paint to seal and finish off the smokebox, numbers removed with a wet'n'dry foam pad, the area polished, Fox Transfers numerals applied, and sealed with Gamesworkshops Ardcoat applied lightly.

The next stage will be to add real coal lumps in the tender, and then weather the model, but it just looks so good at the minute I haven't the heart to do the deed yet. I have a few more spares on the way to fit to the model, including doors thanks to a tip off on the LNER forum, and to my relief, missing reversers to fit to this one, and the earlier Mallard conversion.

Next time will no doubt involve more Gresley A4 antics, given I've decided to "de-frock" another two garter blue models. Just watch Hornby this livery variant next year!

Until next time - have a good evening.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Martin,my name is Niko Bautista, and I am a great fan of the British Railway Series. It is safe to say, that your book and modeling are all fine and dandy, but there is just one thing that all your fans across the world are wondering...

When will you get back to filming the actual series we all fell for???

I myself have felt left out in the cold, as you haven't returned my message, or have done any new episodes in what feels like (and has been), years. I maybe a US fan, but all fans matter, and I want, like all your fans around the world want; to see the end of the series, how it all plays out, and have some closure.

This is the saddest of all, to be left in the cold for so long and not know what happens to Stephen, Scot, Geffory, or even Allen. Sure in real life they were scrapped (except Stephen, right?), but we need to see the end sir. Please finish what you started, your videos. Finish your stories, the stories that were inspired by your Grandfather, finish your Engines' stories!

God bless you and good day/evening.