February 03, 2012

"Tale of the Unnamed Engine - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon to a Platform Near You!

Where it all began: the companion book to "The British Railway Series", "Tale of the Unnamed Engine" is the first book in "The British Railway Stories" eBook series, coming to the Amazon Kindle and Apple's iBooks in 2012!

Find out who the mysterious new Pacific locomotive is, from the mouth of the wise old sage and narrator, Stephen!

Travel to a world set in the 1940s, where steam locomotives rumbled across Great Britain, pulling all manner of trains, and marvel at the beauty of Dean Walker's illustrations!

This is a children's book like no other: Real Locations, Real Engines, Real History!

These are the stories we tell...

Music by Kevin Mcleod, Incompetech.com

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Jamie said...

Wooooooooooo!!! OH YEAH!! It's being released, soon! By the way, when will it be available in a paperback form? I'm sure you did say that it was going to be released in the good old black and white printed form but only for a limited time.
Please reply.