December 15, 2011

"Rant of the Week: Manufacturer Bashing or Constructive Criticism?"

"Manufacturer Bashing" - a get out clause phrase for people who want to pussyfoot around problems with manufacturing, research & development, and good old fashioned quality control.

I refuse point blank to pander to the idea that we cannot in this day and age communicate positively on the drawbacks, negatives, or problems thereof, of a product with its manufacturer if it is warranted.

If everyone was so unable to coherently put forward their point of view on a product and point out factual shortcomings, then we would not see improvements in anything. We'd all still be driving around in Model T Fords and running clockword trains, whilst balsa wood and canvas aircraft float clumsily around our heads.

Equally, we should praise manufacturers when they get it right: and I am choosing to do so by asking everyone to vote for Dapol as manufacturer of the year. Over on RMweb, their company's representative, "DapolDave" has been exemplary in his communication and willingness to help with any problems.

That, and they've made some very fine models this year of prototypes you wouldn't have dreamed of being made. Beattie Well Tanks for Kernow Model Rail, Class 22 diesel hydraulics, and a plethora of N gauge models of excellent quality.

Until next time - remember: if you do wish to criticise a product, do so constructively and factually. If you want to praise - do so openly and honestly.

Until next time.

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