November 13, 2011

"Selling on!"

I am thoroughly, thoroughly broke at the minute and require money to push forward the development of my children's book, website and associated bits and pieces.

So what better way of raising funds (other than my part time job!) is a quick firesale of items I no longer forsee a need for.

First up - a very good condition Hornby Duchess 4-6-2 (one of the latest batches).

Yours for £70 or make me an offer!

Second one in - a terrific example of Hornby's County Class 4-6-0.

Yours for £45.00 or start the bidding at £15!

Finally - a virtually unused example of Bachmann's popular Dynamis system 36-505.

Yours for £90 or start the bidding at - get this - just 99p!

All proceeds go to - ah - me - and rest assured are not going on beer money.

Well, maybe the odd ale at the odd preserved railway.

Until next time - where I'll have a few more updates on the book, the upcoming new website, and various other bits and pieces.

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