October 14, 2011

"More Projects"

I have a line of engines and rolling stock needing work. Finally having finished the painting of the LMS and the conversion of the three Hornby Clerestories, they are awaiting transfers and varnish to complete.

However I do like to ponder the possibilities every now and again, and there's two projects I have my eye on at the moment. The first is converting a forthcoming Hornby release - the Railroad D49 4-4-0 - into the lone D class Thompson 4-4-0, The Morpeth. I even have a suitable front bogie and tender ready for it!

The second one concerns the forthcoming new Bachmann V2, which is unlikely to get a body retooling but will have a much improved locomotive drive mechanism. So the thought is to use some Hornby spare parts to improve the section of the boiler needing the most work.

Pictures to follow later when the camera decides to behave itself!

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