November 09, 2010

"Hornby's Thompson L1"

It's arrived...just unpacked it now...

I can see a problem straight away, however...

...I'm going to have to get another one!!

The model is just exquisite. The detail on this model is breathtaking, and regardless of the front frames/front pony truck issue highlighted in Model Rail, I will say that it's the best Hornby Steam Locomotive ever produced.

Mine's the split-footplate version, and judging by the pics of the green ones, it captures its prototype every bit as accurately as they do. The difference in front steps, and overall "look" - all spot on. The model is literally romping away with five bachmann Mk1s as I type, and I have no doubt it could take at least six or seven more. This model oozes power, and really looks like an L1.

With apologies to Model Rail - it really IS one "L of a model"!!!

Hornby, if the new B17s are half as good, I'll be a happy man indeed.

Until next time!

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