July 23, 2010

"Return of an old friend"

Some news, finally! I'm doing some remedial work on Copley Hill for filming in due course, but in the meantime have fixed 61572 (better known to myself as Stephen) for work - spot the differences between this model, and a standard Hornby one:

The mods are quite simple. Modifying the Hornby bogie, by removing the guard irons, and adding the guard irons (made from shaped plasticard) to the front bufferbeam. I took the opportunity to clean up some of the weathering that I felt I'd overdone the last time around. Next set of mods are the addition of a new chimney and the removal of the moulded outside steam pipes.

Then of course, we have a new addition to the fleet - in the form of this Bachmann Spectrum On30 2-6-0:

It is not staying American for very long - nor will it be staying a tender engine either. It is to form part of a small fleet of similar tank engines, to be used on my upcoming RMweb Challenge 2010 layout. But more on that as it develops...

Until next time!

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