March 24, 2010


It had to happen eventually!

The British Railway Series - 100,000 Views

The British Railway Series: Episode 1 has just registered 100,000 views. It is the first of my videos to hit the six figure numbers, and after three long years, I'm delighted it's got there eventually.

Here's to the next 100,000 on Youtube! :)

Thanks to everyone on Youtube, SiF, PW and RMweb, and elsewhere for their continued support and encouragement.

And in another note - I've uploaded a new video, with the above episode, in one complete part.

This has been annotated to show every glitch, goof and historical inaccuracy - we make the mistakes, so you don't have to...!

Given this is the third year of being on Youtube, and six years since I had that first thought on my own stories about talking trains - I felt this video needed to be restored to the original vision of the team that made the first episode.

Until next time!

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