October 15, 2009

"Heljan's Latest Bird takes Flight"

I took delivery this afternoon of Heljan's latest limited edition model, Kestrel. A big shout out to Trains4U of Peterborough who took my order on two years ago when the model was announced.

The model is contained in the standard Heljan container - stylish, and protects models perfectly.

Each model comes complete with a certificate (numbered, with an information pack regarding the prototype chosen and its technical specifications in both model and real form), a spare bufferbeam, a plethora of spare bufferbeam pipes and couplings, and a set of tension lock couplings too.

Now for the model itself.

Its livery is perfectly applied. All lettering is crisp and legible. In particular the cabside Hawker Siddeley logo is stunning.

The colours seem to be spot on for prototype photographs, and the general shape and proportions of the locomotive look correct.

Separately fitted handrails and bufferbeam detail add to the exquisite detail of this model:

The motor and chassis is based around the Heljan class 47, which has ensured a smooth running and very powerful model locomotive.

There is only one minor downside for myself. This was not noticeable until it was pointed out on another forum. The moulded horns on the cab roof are disappointing in shape. However I should point out that I have seen worse representations on other (and current) models. There are no other real problems at all. Roof detail is all moulded, but captures the look of the prototype perfectly.

In short, I feel Heljan have produced a worthy succesor to their Falcon model of two years ago and produced a stunning model of a unique locomotive. This is one pleased customer who will be making a rather unique lineup of Kestrel, Deltic and Falcon at Christmas in a short video parodying Top Gear somewhat!

Roll on Lion, please Heljan!

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