September 25, 2008

"56C or 37B?"

It was with much groaning and thumping of fist on desk this morning when I realised I had made quite a significant error. You see, Copley Hill has had three shedcodes throughout its life - COP, 37B and 56C.

Now, originally, I assumed (very much a school boy error here) that 37B became 56C with nationalisation - how I could ever have thought that is beyond me! As Copley Hill became 56C in 1959, a full six years after my layout is set.

I've settled into using the term "56C" to describe the layout - Copley Hill is, to me, 56C. The only problem is, in 1950-53, it was not 56C but 37B.

So the question is, do I change the blog now - and rename the relevant sections "37B" - and more to the point, do I change my RMweb logo to 37B (now we're getting silly!!!)

Actually, I had a good long think, and made a fairly easy decision.

When the layout is first built, it will be 37B, set in 1950-53. However, I intend for the layout to develop and change over its five intended years of operation, so chronologically, I could make it 56C when my rolling stock has changed into decaying, tired and dirty steam locomotives, and when the layout has been adapted to represent the layout in 1959, when it was 56C.

But, since that is the ultimate aim - the blog sections and my logo will remain 56C. It's what I know it as now, and that is how it will be recognised. As long as I explain my reasoning behind the shedcodes, and how my first error in this project came about, it should be okay.

I WILL get a layout plan update here soon! I couldn't today because my scanner did an amusing thing (it blew up, electrical discharge from a faulty junction box in my old, victorian home. Electricians everywhere this afternoon, lord knows how I'll explain why we're out of teabags and coffee to my parents when they return), but rest assured, we will have an update on the revised - simpler! And much more useable layout plan next time!

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