January 05, 2016

"Happy new year...Great Western Glory's first artwork"

Happy new year to all of our readers! 
This year sees the development of Great Western Glory ramp up. 
This piece of artwork from our artist Dean Walker is our first look at the main trio of characters featuring in our book, each with their own back stories. 
From right to left, our narrator for this book is the Star class Princess Charlotte. She is the oldest of the trio.
Clifford Castle is in the centre, and King George VI sits on the far left. All three engines have some incredible adventures ahead of them...
Great Western Glory takes place at the height of the first and second world wars, and promises to be a thrilling and dark follow up to the now sold out Tale of the Unnamed Engine.
Our young enthusiast, Stanley, finds an old steam locomotive amidst poppies, ivy and weeds in a long forgot goods yard. 

What stories does our fallen Star have to tell...?


DustySpartan32 said...

Any update on the new episodes with Allen and Sir Ralph? they are running behind schedule

Unknown said...

Are you still doing the mini-series for YouTube that were going to be on at Christmas?