July 08, 2012

"The Hielan Lassie"

She's arrived! My Hielan Lassie, a part complete locomotive purchase from eBay, was picked up and delivered to Copley Hill this afternoon. I am over the moon - it's the closest I've got to owning my own steam locomotive; and being in the form of a Thompson Pacific is rather tasty!

The valve gear needs work but is largely complete. It's a three cylinder Hielan Lassie, and not a two cylinder as I've found on a few of them, so the intention is to complete it as LBSC intended, more or less.

The boiler is surprisingly complete, but will need lots of work to complete. I may yet tender this out to a trained boiler smith as I'm not confident I'd be able to complete it myself.

Overall, I'm just delighted with it. Over the moon!

I will be announcing a competition for naming this "Unnamed Engine" in conjunction with the release of Tale of the Unnamed Engine on the 15th July. Prizes likely to be book related!

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

Looks good, seeing how much work it needs in order for it to work. A live steam locomotive will certainly help;may I ask what class it's of?

Jacob said...

Narrator:Sir Ralph saw a The Hielan Lassie in the works.
Sir Ralph:You look absolutely perfect! I can not wait to witness your steam trials.
I guess Sir Ralph likes Hielan Lassie too.
Hope to see her in action,
Jacob C.