August 19, 2010


Two new sets of nameplates from Narrow Planet. I have been so impressed by this company I am making up another order as I speak. Quick to deliver, great communication, and more to the point - the nameplates are terrific.

The first set is for the Permanent Way Model Forum Staff Competition - I'm building a "Gresley W2" (which is an entirely fictional locomotive based on certain not built designs), and Eastern Eagle is to be its name.

The second set, is finally going on my K3, well over a year after I promised they would!

The nameplates were painted all over red, and then carefully brushed down with wet'n'dry paper, to remove the red paint from the edges and raised letters, and to leave a red background (which I much prefer to the more usual black background of LNER style nameplates).

In an alternate reality, K3 number 61823 was preserved by a young Englishman's family, and eventually given the name of his better half, Charlotte.

In reality, 61823 was a birthday present to myself from my better half, and while I know it's not prototypical (at all), I felt this was one little change I could happily make to my K3. I did, after all, promise I would!

Until next time!

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